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Cloud Receptionist

Cloud telephony solution by ClowdTel is the Business Phone system for you if you are a small business that needs a PBX system, but doesn't have the resources to manage an internal PBX or you are working out of offices with no room for storing telephony equipment. Our cloud telephony solution offers all the advantages of a PBX system, but bypasses the barriers Small and Medium businesses face in hosting and managing an internal PBX, while still utilizing a secure network. Simple to install, it uses your existing landline or mobile phone connections. We guarantee you will never miss a call, no matter where you are. Our cloud solution allows for calls to be queued or routed to an automated attendant. Consequently, sales increase, as you capture all potential sales leads and keep in touch with existing customers.

ClowdTel will simplify your communications and boost your productivity, whether you work from home or travel constantly. ClowdTel cloud receptionist is an all-in-one phone system designed to grow and change with your business. Small businesses dream of growing at a fast rate and achieving a better stand in the corporate market. ClowdTel service for small business enables the business firms to get the advantages of smart calling at an affordable price. With this system, you get all the advanced calling features which make you appear more professional to your customers. ClowdTel solution provides you with all the benefits that the large organizations enjoy without having to invest such a huge amount and deal with the technical issues yourself. Thus, you get a big professional image with a little investment.

Toll Free service will help you to create a professional image and never miss a single call. Our toll free numbers are guranteed to be the cheapest. It comes packed with over 25 plus features! Our 1800 Free Number can be set to forward to any working telecom operator phone.

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